Who is Keith Fields

K 9EREIEEKeith Fields is truly an international performer.  He was born in the Caribbean, brought up in England, and is now living in the USA.  He is a diverse performer with the ability to play to any audience.  One minute he is a stand-up comedian, the next a hilarious prop comic; then he will smack you in the face by producing a goldfish bowl from nowhere!  He is definitely not your average comedian or your average magician!

Keith is so versatile that he performs for everyone from corporate audiences, to church groups, and students on college nights – always providing clean comedy and lashings of laughter.  He is currently starring in his own show in Gatlinburg called  ‘A Brit of Magic’, but don’t worry, there are still dates available for other events.

Keith is a rare thing in show business – an act that is continually in demand.  So what is his secret to being such a successful performer?

‘Everything I do in my show is done to make people laugh. Jokes, observational stories, visual gags, audience participation, juggling and magic.  If it is funny, I will do it.’ 

In his career spanning 30 years, he has worked in almost every conceivable venue and is always seeking out new places to perform and new audiences to perform to.

‘There is an old adage that says – you can’t entertain all of the people all of the time – I don’t believe it.  We just don’t all laugh at the same things.  That is why I have developed a style that cannot be labelled.  I will keep throwing in different types of funny stuff until I have everyone laughing’

 A little clip to make you smile!

‘Delightfully wacky .. bordering on the manic’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘A born entertainer’ Chortle Comedy Review

‘Different Dramatic and Very Funny’ The Magic Circular

And all this is delivered with a full dose of English style and comedy that is guaranteed to hit your funny bone.


His other passions include his wife, his children, his granddaughter, a cat, a tortoise and a hedgehog.  Some of them live with him in Michigan; others are missed big time and live in his hometown of London.